You can find our INK Chair by Sergio Herman in Pine House.


When the early risers are meditating on the beach and surfers are trying to control the early morning North Sea waves, another buzz starts in Pine House, Strandhotel’s breakfast restaurant. This is the ultimate place to be for the slow starters who treasure their breakfast ritual just as much as their culinary experience from the evening before. Under the supervision of Sergio Herman, Pine House offers an extensive breakfast buffet with fresh, local products and a unique selection of sweet pastries from the pastry chef’s own bakery.


The INK Collection is a dynamic and elegant collection combining simplicity and subtlety. Every piece is used in its purest form in brushed & oiled oak, to show off the striking grain and the quality of the wood. INK stands firm and proud and its defining details are there to be observed.


Sergio Herman his inspiration came from the unpretentious nature of Zeeland. The beauty of the chair lies in its humble character. It stands firm and proud and its defining details are there to be observed. This one does not go unnoticed.


We asked Sergio Herman: Why Wildspirit? And describe in a few words your partnership with Wildspirit?

“One thing I learned along the way is that to grow in your ambition is to trust on people who can get you there. In my daily work I rely on professionals who believe in something and with Wildspirit it is no different. I hope to have made a positive contribution to their brand, this collaboration for sure made a difference to me!”


INK Chair is available in Oak dark | Oak natural | Teak | Oak customized: supply us with the colour sample you desire, we will match it and produce it on your furniture order.


You can upholster the seat. Choose from a wide selection of leather and fabric or send us your own leather or fabric and we will upholster it for you.