A palace for a princess

Great to see that our designs are appreciated!

For many years, Wildspirit has been focussing on aesthetics, comfort, quality and details in order to deliver the perfect piece of furniture for all of our clients. Only one client kept on barking about her unfulfilled needs: our mascotte Happy. She kept her paw stiff, and insisted on having a bed that had the same standards of design, comfort and quality as the other pieces in our collection. 

Many designers came and went, but Happy always kept on showing her uncompromising nature, untill Gerd Couckhuyt came up with his vision of how a dog basket should look like. And a miracle occured: Happy was over the moon with his design. She was so delighted with the look and feel of her brand new home, that she called it: Dog's Palace. 

Since then, our mailbox has been flooded with the most adorable pictures of princes and princesses having a nap in their own Dog's Palace.