Play Barstool High & Low

  • Oak natural
Product code PL75WOKN
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Description and technical details

Description Play Barstool High & Low

Sustainable, comfortable bar stool. Thanks to its sexy and elegant design this barstool can decorate each kitchen table. The rounded backside operates perfectly as arm rest. The feetrest comes with stainless steel cover.

Dimensions - cm/inch
W. 48/18”9 - D. 56/22”1 - H. 103 (75)/40”6 (29”5) Low H. 93 (65)/36”6 (25”6)
Packaging - cm/inch
W.57/22”4 - L. 71/27”9 - H. 105/41”3 Low H. 103/40”6
Weight - kg/lbs
12 (26.6) /14 (30.9)
Volume - m³

"Creativity and innovation, as always, is needed to challenge the very traditional European retail-market."

Meet designer

Alain Berteau

Obtained a master degree in architecture and rising design star in the world of design. His work is about reinventing old typologies through thorough examination of function linked to their exterior look, adding versatility to everyday objects. What’s liked about his furniture designs is: their simple, intense and multifunctional personalities.