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Description and technical details

Description LUPA

Paper-knife LUPA has an intense design. It is the result of a research where we looked for a sensational shape that is both aesthetic as user-friendly. The exclusive combination of the wooden pattern and organic shape gives each Lupa a natural appearance. LUPA is unique in each hand!

Dimensions - cm/inch
W. 3/1”2 - L. 20/7”9 - H. 2/0”8
Packaging - cm/inch
W. 19/7”5 - L. 25/9”8 - H. 6/2”4
Weight - kg/lbs
Volume - m3

"I always try to work with clean lines and natural materials."

Meet designer

Twan Verlinden

Twan Verlinden (Netherlands, 1982) studied interior design in Boxtel, the Netherlands. He then studied at the KHM, Department of Architecture in Mechelen (B), where he graduated with distinction in 2006. 
Since 2007 he has been designing innovative, contemporary furniture for a renowned furniture designer in the Netherlands.
He is working on his own collection of furniture, utensils and art objects. His style is characterized by exciting, clear forms and natural materials.