Meet designer

Lieven Musschoot

Graduated as an interior architecture from the Architecture school Sint-Lucas in Ghent. 

​Since 2014 Cas Moor & Lieven Musschoot are a productdesign team. Their philosophy is “It’s obvious that a designer listens to the machines.”

“You don’t know where one man’s inspiration ends and the other’s creativity starts.”

Animal identity kit


For all of their roaring, growling, and ferociousness, lions are family animals and truly social in their own communities. They usually live in groups of 15 or more animals called prides. Prides can be as small as 3 or as big as 40 animals.

170 cm - 250 cm (head and body)
120 kg - 190 kg
10 - 14 years (up to 20 years in captivity)
Africa and southeast Asia