Pure & Raw!

The small but versatile spirited collection is shaped by both reknown and upcoming international designers like Alain Berteau, Michael Bihain, Samuel Chan, Gerd Couckhuyt, Anita Nevens, Cas Moor & Lieven Musschoot and Sylvain Willenz, to name a few, who have complete artistic freedom. Each piece stands strong on its own but fits perfectly with every other Wildspirit design thus keeping the Pure & Raw Wildspirit characteristics of the product family in beautiful balance.

The pureness of the design lines and use of raw but refined choice of material is Wildspirits main signature which embraces every Interior & every Style.



The strenght of Wildspirit is their devoted open spirit and love of everlasting Beauty & Quality.

High-End Quality.

A piece of design furniture is meant to last a lifetime. Therefore, Wildspirit only works with the best quality of solid wood, calf leather and upholstery fabric available. We believe that our clients deserve the best Quality & Service and we go the extra mile to thrive absolute perfection.

Endless Possibilities!

Add your Personal Touch!

Personalise our collection by choosing and/or combining our different types of solid wood, calfs leather and upholstery fabric.

Please note, that as of eight chairs the colour of the wood can be personalised to adapt your colour scheme.

Think wild